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The Game

Astonishing Baseball 2019 is the new version of the mobile baseball management game. Become the manager of a fantasy baseball team and lead your players to the ultimate goal: win the Baseball cup!

Astonishing Baseball


Get the best from your players. Draft the best prospects, take care of your stars, and help your ace to be the season MVP. You'll see the results of your hard work throughout the seasons

Baseball Everywhere

Play offline, whenever you want, wherever you want, as much as you want! Play on the road, during your lunch break, or during a too long seventh inning

For Stats Geeks

Follow the scoreboard, WAR, WOBA, rankings, and reactions from the fans, Astonishing Baseball reporters and players

YOU are the coach!

* Train your rookies through the season, or send regular players to camp for extra workouts
* Create your baseball team and start to coach using your style and strategies. Adapt your lineup for each game to face every team
* Focus on training your pitchers if you would like a better defense, or work more with your batters to earn extra runs!
* Train your players from all-stars to prospects, it's your job to find the ones who have the potential to become legendary baseball stars.
* Unlock more than 30 different achievements and become a Master Manager!

Manage, trade, train, when you want, where you want

Manage, trade, train, when you want, where you want We know you've a busy life. Maybe your cat wants to be fed? Maybe your boss needs help with that report? Or is your home attacked by a dinosaur? No problem!

In Astonishing Baseball, all you've to do to start a game is touch a button! Then let your players do their job. You can see the game plays in real-time, or leave and come back later to see the result! You can even play real baseball while using the app. Yes it's that simple!

But then, when you have time (for example, once your cat is fed), Astonishing Baseball allows your to (micro-)manage your team your own way! Set up your lineup, trade players with other teams, send scouts, enrol free agents, train your rookies, change your coaching style... Well you got it.

Astonishing Baseball

Astonishing Baseball

Play epic baseball games

Astonishing Baseball is a living world! After each game, journalists, fans, analysts react, providing you statistics, interviews and reactions (probably bad ones if you've lost).

Each game impacts the players morale, each victory makes your fans happy, and the more you win, the more your team will be popular. Take care of your team, but don't forget the crowd!

Social gaming

We don't want you to play alone! Everything is better with friends. That's why Astonishing Baseball includes a multiplayer mode (coming soon), so you can beat your friends in epic games, and share your victories with others thanks to the leaderboards.

You can also impress everyone by unlocking one of the many achievements available in the game! Will you be a "Home run master", "The Best Coach", or maybe you'd prefer to become a "Conference champion". It also includes many challenges to unlock great rewards! We always have a thing to do for you!